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Joerg Penseler 

Structural Civil Engineer, Track Designer, Principal Construction Engineer

Olympic Sliding Center Design and Construction Supervision:

2006 - present 

Track Designer, Principal Construction Engineer 2014 Sochi Sliding Center Project - Krasnaya Polyana, Sochi Russia

Track Designer, Principal Construction Engineer 2010 Whistler Sliding Center Project - Whistler, British Columbia, Canada

2004 - 2006 

2000 - 2006

Track Designer, Principal Construction Engineer 2006 Torino Sliding Center Project - Torino, Italy

Non-Olympic Sliding Center Design, Refurbishment, Reconstruction or Study:

Vatra Dornei, Romania: Feasibility study for a bobsleigh and luge track

2006, 2011

Cortina d‘Ampezzo study: Inventory (digitising) and state investigation of track and technical equipment, reconstruction in terms of future use while respecting the historic nature of the track.


Altenberg, Germany:  Reconstruction of finish area for the 2008 FIBT World  Championships



Oberhof, Germany: Re-design of breaking stretch

Oberhof, Germany: Design of push track


Koenigssee, Germany:  Renewal and reconstruction for the FIBT 2011 World Championships

2010 - 2011

2001 - 2002 

Koenigssee, Germany: Reconstruction and new start


Structural Civil Engineer, Technical University Leipzig, Germany

1990 -1995

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