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Site master planning and layout for the entire venue

Layout and planning of all

on-site access roads

Layout and planning of all

on-site pedestrian trails

Spectator access and

seating areas

Designated access routes for spectators, athletes, officials, VIPs, media, emergency personnel and operation staff

Venue traffic management

design of athlete training facilities like practice

push tracks


Preliminary and final design in horizontal and longitudinal projection

Calculation of speed and g-forces as well as run dynamic calculations

Calculation and design of cross profiles

All calculation results can be used to create 3D-visualisations



cost estimation for

track body construction

Detailed design of all elements which are related to the track (safety system, foundations up to weather protection)

Work closely with other specialists including refrigeration design

assistance with site selection

provide recommendations for construction techniques

provide recommendations for construction materials

assist with International Olympic Committee and International Sport Federation relations

on site consultation during construction

provide recommendations for economic venue operation

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